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to the President, Executive Board, and General Director of ICOM, 22 June 2020

Yesterday, it became public that Suay Aksoy has resigned as president of ICOM.
Her resignation, together with many others, came sudden and unexpected, and at a critical time for ICOM due to the coronavirus crisis and ongoing discussions about the new museum definition.

We are aware that different versions of what has happened, are circulating in
different fora, and regard this as potentially damaging for our ICOM community.

In light of the situation at hand, IC Ethics hereby demands full transparency in the working processes that led to the sudden resignation of the former president.

This includes the immediate release of

  • the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board for the years 2019 and
  • the recordings of meetings from the same period of time which are not
    signed by all board members,
  • Suay Aksoy´s Letter of Resignation,
  • the minutes of all procedures behind the election of the new president and
    the disposition in the statutes that regulated the election.

IC Ethics is supportive of ICOMs recent work advancing transparency, inclusion, diversity, democracy and sustainability, and we encourage all ICOM members and the leadership to continue and strengthen the work.

In the name of the Board Members of IC Ethics,
Kathrin Pabst, Chair of IC Ethics

IC Ethics ANNUAL Meeting

General Assembly

28 July 2020, 4–6 pm CEST

The 2020 Annual Meeting and General Member Assembly will be held as a digital meeting via Zoom. The agenda as well as the working documents will be send to all registered members of IC Ethics until 14 June.

IC Ethics Meeting Room

Real equality and inclusion in museums – still a long way to go!?

July 2020 (details coming)

More and more museums are engaging with historically marginalized populations to better tell their stories. This raises important ethical questions for institutions trying to conduct this work responsibly. What strategies can museums adopt to better address the needs of the historically excluded people they intend to serve? Are museums meaningfully opening up spaces for new actors to participate in their work?

Increasing diversity in museum leadership; providing adequate anti-oppression and social justice training; openly discussing racism, implicit biases, whiteness and other forms of privilege; as well as adopting clear ethical guidelines for engaging with historically marginalized communities are a necessary starting point towards redressing historical injustices and the unequal distribution of power in museum institutions and museum studies programs in academic institutions. Actively helping communities or refugees. Is this the role of museums?

Moderator: Armando Perla, Board Member of IC Ethics
Introduction: tba

More information about the IC Ethics Meeting Room series, following and previous events as well as the recordings of the introductions >> on this page.

IC Ethics Virtual Colloquium

Ethical Challenges of Contemporary Collecting During a Pandemic

11 or 12 November 2020

How can museums work ethically and responsibly with their communities during the pandemic? How have museums been collecting and adapting their practices to respect the dignity of the groups they engage with? These are some of the important questions we want to discuss during our half-day virtual colloquium. 

More details coming soon.

About IC Ethics

As dedicated museum professionals and ICOM members, we see the need for a broad and open debate about ethical dilemmas. With the new importance of museums as societal actors, ethical dilemmas are among the most relevant working fields. We believe that IC Ethics will be an essential and important addition to the International Committees of ICOM.

As an International Committee, it will be an open forum on ethical dilemmas for all museum professionals, a forum for reflection, discussion and sharing, thereby helping museum professionals to make more informed choices.

IC Ethics has been officially founded in Kyoto/Japan on Tuesday, 4th of September 2019, after being approved by the ICOMs Executive Board in July 2019. The initiators have received 171 Letters of Support from 38 different countries and four continents. In addition, five National Committees have supported the initiative with written statements.

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